Designing with i.MX6 Family

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Designing with Freescale i.MX6 family is a 3 days Freescale official course.
The course provides all necessary theoretical and practical know-how for start developing platforms based on i.MX6 family.
The course begins with an introduction to i.MX6 family and its target applications, and focuses on Cortex-A9 MPCore architecture.
The course continues with an in-depth study of the device architecture, memory organization, image processing unit (IPU), video processin unit (VPU), graphic processing unit (GPU), security, I/O muxing, clock management, reset management, power management, and audio interfaces.
The course covers also the new IP blocks in i.MX6 family, external memory interfaces and configurations, boot modes, low power modes and system management.
An optional day extension will be provided upon customer´s request to cover major OS such as Embedded Linux, WINCE and Android.
Course Duration : 3 days (4th optional day)
1. Become familiar with i.MX6 family and its applications
2. Become familiar with ARM Cortex-A9 architecture
3. Become familiar with i.MX6 SoC architecture
4. Be able to configure correctly clocks, reset and power
5. Be able to connect external memories and understand the tradeoffs
6. Become familiar with image processing unit (IPU) and its configuration
7. Become familiar with video processing unit (VPU) and its configuration
8. Become familiar with graphic processing unit (GPU) for 3D and 2D applications
9. Become familiar with i.MX6  new IPs
10. Become familiar with i.MX6 security architecture
11. Become familiar with i.MX6 boot options including secure boot
12. Become familiar with hardware and software design tools
13. Work with Firmware libraries
Software and hardware engineers who would like start developing with i.MX6 processors
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