ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore Hardware Design

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Cortex-A9 MPCore hardware design is a 4 days ARM official course.
The course goes into great depth and provides all necessary know-how to design hardware systems based on Cortex-A9 processor.
The course covers the Cortex-A9 MPCore architecture, instruction set, exception handling, memory management unit, cache and branch prediction, AMBA AXI3 and APB3, cache coherency, boot process, NEON coprocessor, power management, debug and security. 
At the end of the course the participant will receive a certificate from ARM. 
Course Duration : 4 days
1. Become familiar with ARMv7 architecture
2. Become familiar with Cortex-A9 MPCore architecture
3. Become familiar with ARMv7 instruction set
4. Understand the exception handling mechanism
5. Be familiar with Cortex-A9 caches and maintenance operations
6. Be able to configure and use the MMU
7. Be able to boot Cortex-A9 MPCore system
8. Be able to program the GIC
9. Become familiar with NEON coprocessor SIMD capabilities
10. Manage Cortex-A9 MPCore power modes
11. Be able to debug with invasive and non-invasive techniques
12. Become familiar with TrustZone infrastructure to build secured systems
13. Become familiar with AXI3 and APB3 protocols and understand how to build a system interconnect
Hardware, system and verification engineers that would like to design SoC based on Cortex-A9 MPCore processor.
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