Designing with STM32F10x

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Designing with STM32F10x is a 3 days ST official course.
The course provides all necessary theoretical and practical know-how for start developing platforms based on STM32F10x.
The course begins with an introduction to STM32F microcontroller families and focuses on Cortex-M3 architecture.
The course continues with an in-depth study of the memory organization, reset unit, interrupts handling, low power modes, and all the SoC peripherals such as I/O ports, ADC, RTC, USART, I2C, DAC, SPI, CAN, USB, SDIO, FSMC, Timers, FIO, DMA and CRC.
The course also employs hardware and software design tools, and combines 60% theory with 40% practical work in every meeting.
Course Duration : 3 days 
1. Become familiar with STM32F families
2. Become familiar with ARM Cortex-M3 architecture
3. Become familiar with STM32F0 peripherals
4. Become familiar with hardware and software design tools
5. Build a new project using the development tools
6. Work with Firmware libraries
Software and hardware engineers who would like start developing with STM32F10x microcontroller
ST Eval board
Course book (including labs)
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