Designing with DSP Builder Advanced Blockset

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Learn the timing-driven Simulink® design flow to implement high-speed DSP designs. 
This course focuses on implementing DSP algorithms using the advanced blockset capability of DSP Builder—an interface between Quartus® II software  & MATLAB® and Simulink from MathWorks. 
You´ll analyze & design your DSP algorithm using the DSP Builder advanced blockset in MATLAB & Simulink. 
You´ll explore architecture & performance tradeoffs with system-level constraints. 
Also you´ll verify functionality & performance of generated hardware in the Quartus II software. 
Finally, you´ll speed design time by incorporating ready made ModelIP cores in your design.

Course Duration : 2 days
1. Implement DSP algorithms using Altera® DSP Builder Advanced Blockset
2. Incorporate ModelIP and ModelPrim cores in a design
3. Explore design architecture and performance tradeoffs using system level constraints
4. Incorporate a DSP Builder Advanced Blockset model into a Qsys subsystem
5. Verify the hardware performance and implementation in Quartus II software 
Hardware engineers who develop and work with DSP algorithms and computationally intense applications for Altera FPGAs that need high performance
1. Synthesizer and Place & Route: Quartus Prime 
3. DSP Builder
4. Simulator: Modelsim
5. Course book (including labs)
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