Android Platform Development

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In this Android Platform development course, you will learn how to build, analyze and customize the world's most popular mobile operating system - Android.
This Intensive course provides a thorough discussions of everything that makes Android what it is, from its hardware and heart at the Linux kernel, and until the fancy user interfaces that would not exist without layers of a sophisticated embedded Linux/Android userspace masterpiece. 
As such, the course is intended for engineers who want to know what Android is really all about, rather than writing Apps for the platform. 

Course Duration: 5 days
1. Understand Android design considerations
2. Understand the Android stack and unique characteristics, from the Hardware Layer, through the Linux kernel and native frameworks and up until the Java framework and user applications
3. Understand and write System Services
4. Learn and apply Android Security policies 
5. Learn about the Android initialization process
6. Learn how to port Android and support new Hardware types
7. Learn about the Android core services
8. Learn to profile and debug the Android platform
9. Learn how to build, customize, and port Android to new devices
Android Builders, Integrators, Device Manufacturers, Security Researchers, Hardware Engineers and Mobile developers who want to take their Android skills to the next level.
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