Android Bootcamp

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In this intensive hands-on course, you will learn about the Android design philosophy, and bring it to practice by crafting a native modern Android application, utilizing most of the platform's building blocks.

You will learn to design an interactive User Interface, have your application work in the background, respond to events, use files, databases, and network based information, interact with hardware and sensors, interact with the Google Play Services, integrate third party libraries, debug, secure, optimize and publish an Android app. 

Upon completing this intensive bootcamp, you will be comfortable using the Android Open Source Project tools, diving into your teammates' code, contribute to it, and build your own Android apps effectively, securely and robustly. 

Course Duration: 5 days
1. Understand the Android design principles
2. Learn to develop modern ,robust and efficient Android Applications
3. Understand the concepts of Android Security 
4. Learn to work effectively with the Android designing, building, designing and profiling tools
Software developers, anyone interested in learning Android 
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