Advanced Android Security

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In this comprehensive hands-on course, combining both Android Application Security and Android Enterprise Security modules, you will learn Android security at all possible levels, from the bootloader, through building Secure Applications, and via the end-user security and Enterprise Mobility Management.

We will learn to harden both the Operating System (for device builders), and the application code itself, to protect both the organization's Intellectual Property and the user's personal data, and will also learn to take advantage of Android Provisioning services to support an IT manager perspective. 

The course is intended for developers, or former developers with practical Java experience. No previous Android experience is required, but it is highly recommended.

Note: The course is based on the Marshmallow version. Earlier versions can be targeted without additional cost, upon customer request.

Course Duration: 5 days
1. Understand Android design considerations
2. Understand how to write secure Android applications
3. Understand how to identify vulnerabilities in existing applications
4. Understand Android Security model and platform security mechanisms 
5. Learn to apply static and dynamic penetration testing techniques on Android
6. Understand Android Security terminology via use of real life exploits
7. Understand Android Enterprise Mobility mechanisms and Google For Work
Mobile Developers, IT Managers, Security Personnel with Java experience. 
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