Linux Essentials

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Linux Essentials course is an in-depth introduction to Linux for developers who will start using Linux as either their deployment or development platform. 
The course provides the developer all tools needed in order to make Linux the operating system of his choice.
The course aims to boost the developer efficiency, and provides the attendees with significant Shell scripting skills, the ability to set up and build code in various languages, with a desert of setting up and running easy to run-easy to customize web servers, using Node.JS.
The course is taught on any recent Linux distribution of your choice.

Course Duration: 3 days
1. Understand the Linux design principles
2. Use Shell scripting 
3. Setup and build code in various languages
4. Learn to work effectively with the Linux designing, building, designing and profiling tools
Software developers new to Linux OS
1. Course and labs book
2. Linux tools
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